Digital Printing

The Digital Printing Process

Digital print covers a wide range of print methods, but generally refers to methods of printing where an image is transferred to a substrate by non-mechanical means. Printing uses either dry toner based inks, wet ink inks or ink coated ribbon. This technology is similar to that employed in a desk top printer at home. We offer all three processes and can recommend the one most suitable to your application.

About Digital Printing

Main Advantages of Digital Print


Best suited to short runs

Ideal for variable information or multiple varieties

Short lead times for supply

No plate costs

Minimal set up costs and no set up waste

Longer labels (up to 420mm)

Ideal for trial runs for new products

Runs on papers and films


Main Disadvantages of Digital Print


Higher cost of inks

Higher paper & film costs

Slower running speeds than flexographic

Digital Printing 01

Why Choose Digital Printing?

As we offer both digital and flexographic print methods we can select the process most suited to your needs.


With the recently released inks we are able to offer photo quality finish on labels at much higher speed and in quantities competitive with flexo, giving you a much wider scope when designing your label. We are happy to discuss possibilities with your designer, or assist in planning your label.


For added label durability we offer an option of over lamination, especially for outdoor use.

Digital Printing 02

About our T4 Printer

We regularly review and renew digital equipment in line with current technology.


Our new T4 printer is a robust stand-alone label press that includes precision laminating and die cutting. Designed for full colour high quality (1600dpi) labels and high capacity production, it allows us to generate large runs in a short period of time. This enables us to produce labels efficiently and adapt to frequent set-up changes with a minimum of downtime resulting in cost savings for our customers. A new type of economically formulated ink reduces ink consumption by 50-70 per cent compared to other printers. In addition to the efficiency of the new ink, the colour and light resistance of labels is excellent.

Trojan T4 Printer
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